Thursday, December 16, 2010

Penis Pix: Yay or Nay?

There's a new video today over at Will Ferrell's Funny or Die. It's cute, but not exactly something I'm sure I agree with. It's a somber (funny subject) video of women pleading with men to NOT send them pictures of their penises.

Guess what, straight guys? Ladies don't want them! Apparently they don't think they're sexy, hot, cute, or even appetizing in the least bit. Really? Is this an epidemic? Men randomly sending photos of their junk to lady hopefuls without invitation? And is it something that women have a problem with? Color me crazy but this is a big difference from what I understand about the gay community. Is it just me?

In the gay male world, I feel like naked photos are like legal tender. A really good one can buy you just about anything. Right? And people don't just send them, a barter or begging is usually involved. A fair trade is expected or the transaction simply does not occur. Or am I just thinking this way because I live in the seedy underbelly that is gay nightlife? I'm looking for answers here, readers... so please weigh in.

Now I will posit this much: a plain jane penis photo is both boring and unappetizing. But a photo of a guy with his (pretty) face and (toned) body included with the goods? Well, yeah, that's something entirely different. That's like free porn. Free, good porn. Free porn that you might get to bang out if you play your cards right.

There IS a part of the video where a cute guy seems to be digging what he just received on his phone, so that might be the bone the video's creators threw us.

ATTENTION HOT STRAIGHT GUYS: stop sending your naked photos to your girlfriends, and just start forwarding them over to us.

- Justin Luke

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  1. I don't like it either. It shows me the person has no substance or class and are more than likely useless outside the bedroom..