Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The A-List: New York is COMING BACK!

Despite rumors of an "A-List: Los Angeles," in the works, it looks like LOGO has decided to skip the trip across the country, and instead go with what worked for them the first time. The A-List: New York, which earned metric tons of gay hatred and vitriol for its focus on a handful of dramatic (not necessarily ACTUAL A-List) gays brunching, lunching, scrunching and punching around Manhattan and Fire Island and The Hamptons, is coming back to LOGO for a second season!

I can hear you grinding your teeth already. What's left to happen on that show? Well, to be honest, I never watched it, so I'm not really sure what unforgettable climaxes and cliffhangers we as a gay viewership were left to deal with.

Do you hate The A-List? Surveys and public outcry seems to say that you have a 99% chance of despising the show. Problem is, even though you may loathe and detest and bemoan it, you keep WATCHING IT!

So I feel NO pity for you motherfuckers. YOU made this possible! If you all had just switched the channel to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, this would never have happened.

But now that NYC's beloved and abominated gays are coming back to the TV, you might as well grab your popcorn, poppers, and Popovs and sit a spell on your couch. Because, let's face it, you love to hate it, and you love to watch it.

And, hey, fair warning: this is probably just the beginning. A-List may be LOGO's own version of Jersey Shore. More popular, and more derided with every single season. Now when are the boys going to get some money-losing book deals? I want to see Reichen publish "How to Look Schnasty in Drag" or Austin Armacoat co-write "Getting Naked at Strangers' Pools on Fire Island: Your Guide to Climbing the A-List with a healthy dose of Ass!"

- Justin Luke

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  1. I, for one, love the A-List. Never has there been a greater parody of gay culture.