Friday, February 11, 2011

WONDERLAND the Musical is Almost Here!

If you're a showqueen like me, you fall on one side of the fence, or the other, when it comes to Frank Wildhorn. Either you love the guy, no matter his foibles. Or you hate him because you think he's a talentless hack who just keeps getting more chances despite his idiocy.

Based on the $150 I just spent on tickets to see "Wonderland," Wildhorn's latest tuner, I'd put myself on the more optimistic side of the fence.

I'm sorry, I think Jekyll and Hyde was a spooky, gothic, great-sounding show. I even loved The Scarlet Pimpernel. Sure, the Civil War blew. And Dracula sucked (even I can admit that).

But this teaser video of WONDERLAND, complete with the song I imagine is titled "Through The Looking Glass" looks great and has that signature Wildhorn pop diva not-at-all-complex-but-completely-fucking-pleasing multi-part harmony.

Sign me up. You'll see me there. I recommend you check out the video too!

- Justin Luke


  1. Um.. they stole the wardrobe from Wicked! WTF!?

    Ps... I secretly like a lot of the music in the Civil War :/

  2. Thats funny since the costumes are designed by the same Susan Hilferty that designed the costumes for, "Wicked" and won a TONY for it too