Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fierce Terrorism: When A Drag Queen Hijacks an NYC Subway!

You may recognize Mimi Imfurst from the many bars and clubs in NYC. She is one of the Big Apple's Biggest drag acts. If you're not from here, you may instead recognize her from Ru Paul's Drag Race, where she was eliminated after trying to body-slam another drag queen in the competition.

Well, it's been a week or so since Mimi did something extreme. I'm glad she's back on track... and I mean that literally.

That crazy bitch HIJACKED A NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY. Seriously! Her and her new girl group, Xelle, took a camera and their fab dressed selves and shot a music video for their hit single, "Party Girl." They did it all in one take and COMPLETELY ILLEGALLY.

As in without the proper permits one would need to shoot a video on the subway. As in motherfuckers have been ARRESTED for shit like that.

Brave! Ballsy (which in itself is funny when you're describing a drag queen). And you know what? FABULOUS too!

The best part about it? The video is a goddamned hoot. Watch it here, then share it with your friends.

- Justin Luke

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  1. amazing. tranny realness. hit song. LOVE IT!