Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GAY IMPLOSION: Katy Perry Covers Lady Gaga's "Born This Way!"

Katy Perry is notoriously touch and go. Sometimes she sucks. Sometimes she kinds sucks. And sometimes she sings with a fierce backtrack.

Gaga, on the other hand, can do no wrong. She sings amazingly. She looks awesome in fashion shows. And she plays with 10-year-old girls on her Monster Ball Tour.

And Gaga can basically burp or blink twice quickly and get press coverage. She releases one lyric, or plays a piece of a new song in France and the press goes gaga, covering every last moment of her amazingness.

So OF COURSE Katy wants a piece of that media pooty-tang. What better way than to COVER GAGA'S BORN THIS WAY?

Guess what? Shameless though it may be, it worked. Granted, that shows Katy as bowing down to the Queen Lady. Maybe Britney should do that next... it might inspire Lady Gaga to cover Britney in exchange. Or maybe not.

Either way, here's Katy covering Born This Way. To be honest, I'd rather hear a 10-year-old sing it any day.

- Justin Luke


  1. Lol, you don't think she sounds good here? I think you're just anti-Katy b/c this cover sounds GREAT to me.

  2. She sounds awful...she is totally trying way too hard!

  3. Nice... But the video was removed. =P