Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sam Tsui Rocks "BORN THIS WAY!"

Sam Tsui had his work set out for him. Of course he would have to cover Born This Way. He would never be forgiven if he didn't. He tore the world a new musical asshole when he covered Brit-Brit's "Hold It Against Me"... but, really, how hard was that for him? Not very, I'd say.

But when you're dealing with Gaga the musical genius... if you're gonna cover him, you better do something fucking fantastic. A little Canadian girl already covered her straight with a keyboard... so work would have to be done.

Well, boys, today Mr. Tsui released his video and cover of Gaga's Born This Way.

And it's fucking stellar. I've already ripped it with Listen to YouTube and have it on repeat. What a sweet voice. What a pleasant piano line. Great editing and a rich quality.

Sam Tsui, will you marry me?

- Justin Luke

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