Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sexiest, Gayest "Hold It Against Me" Parody I've Seen Yet

Yes, Ryan James Yezak has already released HIS version of Hold It Against Me... and it was great!

Problem was the video had a lot more WOMEN in it than I usually like to see. In fact, the camera spent more time on scantily clad women, than it did men. Why!?

I respect that Ryan is branching out to perhaps widen his audience... but that doesn't satiate my intense need to see nearly naked boys making out to pop songs that I love.

Enter the boys of CRUSH, an anti-smoking gay organization. They use the very powerful tool of hot guys in tiny underwear in the pursuit of getting gay men to stub out their butts and take to putting healthier things between their lips.

God bless them for being anti-smoking and pushing a health-related cause. But GODS bless them for this "parody" of Britney Spears' Hold It Against Me, which I believe is their newest viral promotional tool.

While it's not as technically masterful or even innovative, it features all the parts any pop spoof needs:

1. Butts
2. Bulges
3. Sexy near-naked dudes
4. Sexy near-naked dudes making out
5. Britney Spears!

What more can you ask for? Not much, says I.

Watch. And if it somehow gets you to quit smoking, good work Crush!

- Justin Luke

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