Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Get 2-For-1 Tickets to HUGE Broadway Shows!

Wanna see a Broadway show? Of course you do.

Don't we all? Yes, we do.

Problem is that Broadway tickets are more expensive than, say, raising a child from infancy to adulthood. So we theater gays do everything we can to save some money. We stand on the TKTS line in Times Square in the rain. We have sex with unattractive people who can get us free seats to something. We get memberships to TDF and search high and low to save some coin.

Well, for one week in NYC, there's an even better way. IT'S BROADWAY WEEK, BITCHES! I've never heard of it either! I've heard of Fashion Week, Restaurant Week, and Gay Sex Week (made that last one up... every week is gay sex week!) But Broadway Week? Can't say it rings a bell.

But that doesn't matter! Broadway Week means one important thing: BUY ONE GET ONE DEALS ON HUGE BROADWAY SHOWS!

These aren't those dumb coupons you get in your email for shows you've never heard of like "My Lithuanian Gay Uncle's Third Marriage" and "She's Jewish, I'm a Dead Camel, Our Kids Are Crazy!"

No, we're talking buy a ticket, get a ticket free to see:

  1. The Lion King
  2. Mary Poppins
  3. Wicked
  4. The Addams Family
  5. Priscilla Queen of the Desert
  6. Relatively Speaking

And WHO doesn't want to see at least ONE of these? Well, maybe "cultured" theater-goers with taste. But I'm not one of those, and neither should you be. Some of these shows are so much over-sugared Broadway spectacle that you'll leave the theater with your eyes glazed like Dunkin' Donuts.

DON'T DELAY! Click the link below and ORDER NOW. Because I can tell you these tickets will sell out quicker than an auction of Taylor Lautner's undergarments.


Love and Broadway,
Justin Luke

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