Monday, October 17, 2011

Hot Singing Naked British Boys? YES PLEASE!

Man, you know what I miss? Boy bands. Seriously! I pine sometimes for the days of Backstreet. For those long hours spent pondering Justin Timberlake's fro'ed up curls. What about 98 degrees?! And all those other boy bands! Man, nothing beats candy bubble gum pop that's so sweet it rots your teeth and destroys your brain, coming out of the pipes of a quartet, quintet, or sextet of button-cute boys.


No, I'm not kidding. They're called THE WANTED. And I can honestly say I want 3-4 of them. In my bed. Serenading me. Right this very minute.

Turns out I don't need to wait too long to hear and feast my eyes upon them after all. They're playing the Gramercy Theatre next Tuesday, October 25th! (Buy tickets here)

Their marketing folks contacted me and gave me much in the way of good news which I will (sort of) announce here.

1. I'm getting some FREE TICKETS to give away! Want one? Leave a comment right here.

2. There's a SUPER-SPECIAL SECRET performer who's opening for them! I'm not allowed to say who it is yet, but I promise you... it's big. So you should probably ask for a ticket. Because if the hot brit boys don't get you, their opening act will.

It's one thing to be cute and shirtless, though. What about the music? Can these boys bring big beats? Oh you bet they can. Check out their single, "GLAD YOU CAME" and its music video at the bottom of this post.

(The title sounds so wonderfully filthy, despite all their gallivanting around with girls on some British shore).

Let's be honest, boys. Statistically at least ONE of these guys will be the Lance Bass of the group. And I wanna be there when he discovers he's gladder when a member of the same sex comes.

<3 JL


  1. Sounds amazing! Where do you buy the tickets?

  2. I freaking all the wanted., i wanted a free ticket please and it's 2 days before my birthday