Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You Know You Were a Teen Gay in the Late Nineties When...

Gay marriage, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Prop 8, A4A, Manhunt... so many things have come into the gay vernacular in the past 5 or 6 years. But... what about before that?

You gaybies have it so EASY these days. We used to have to walk uphill, both ways, to the gay bar to get laid. Now you turn on your fancy pants iPhones and GRIND your date. It's like Seamless Web food delivery, but for booty!

Yes, luckily us slightly-olds can also take advantage of these wondrous things... but, still... sit a spell and see how different shit was for those of us who grew up gay in the late 90s/early 00s.

If you don't understand a single thing in this list, consider yourself lucky... you were spared a lot of ridiculousness.

-Justin Luke (JustinLukeNYC.com)

You know you were a teen gay in the Late Nineties When...

16. You had a photo on Face The Jury and Hot or Not (and was rated at LEAST 9.9)

15. You spent weekday nights in the M4M chat rooms on AOL, or XY.com

14. You know what XY.com is

13. You had a profile on PlanetOut

12. You spelled "boy" with an "i" (or many, many i's)

11. You had a LiveJournal, and it was the COOLEST

10. You went to Limelight to dance and do drugs, not shop and eat IHOP

9. Twink was a compliment, not an insult

8. "Wanna Cyber?" was a legitimate pick-up line, and no web cams were involved

7. It took you 3-5 minutes to download a nude someone sent you, and you'd lose it all if your parents picked up the house phone

6. You owned the VHS tapes of Trick, Jeffrey, and Broken Hearts Club

5. You pre-gamed at Big Cup before drinking the night away at the original XL

4. You got your porn from Limewire

3. You played SNOOD before going out to the club

2. A/S/L? Was a necessary question

1. You were SURE that this MySpace thing would NEVER beat Friendster


  1. Sigh...I remember when it was gay text chat on Compuserve (where my username was something like "33601,4583") on my Apple II+ 9" monochrome green screen. And not a lot else. Still, that was enough for 5 or 6 of us from CA, CO, CT, and IA to meet in Ojai, CA for an amazing weekend.

  2. amazing. i still have all of my old issues of XY somewhere...

  3. Sorry, but...

    does anyone know who the guy in the picture XY?

  4. does anyone know who the guy in the picture?

    what´s his name?

  5. I went like 5 for 16. I was a tween gay in the late 90's

  6. really wanted to download the pictures of him or the whole magazine.

    where do I find more pictures of this guy on the cover of xy?

    What is the name of this guy?

  7. where can I download old issues of XY magazine?